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CAL. 5J22

  • World's First Kinetic Auto Relay watch

  • Energy storage up to 4 YEARS of time memory

  • Time Relay automatically transfers time in memory to hands

  • Watch "goes to sleep" up to 4 years

  • LumiBrite hands and markers

  • 200m water resistant

  • One directional rotating bezel

  • Double locking clasp

  • Clear back



SEIKO KINETIC AUTO RELAY Cal.5J22 is an analogue quartz watch equipped with an Automatic Generating System developed by SEIKO. It generates the electric energy to power the watch, utilizing the movement of the arm. and stores it in the KINETIC ELECTRICITY STORAGE UNIT (KINETIC E.S.U.). So, the watch does not use a conventional button type battery and does not require battery replacement.

Cal.5J22 is an enhanced model of the KINETIC watches and features the power save and time relay functions to keep the watch operating for up to four years once it is fully charged, even if it is left unused and no charging is done.



Power save function

If the watch is left unused for 3 days, the hands stop automatically to conserve the stored electric energy



Time relay function

Though the hands stop, the build on IC continues to keep the time. To use the watch again, swinging it several times will awaken it. The hands will move quickly to indicate the current time, and resume normal operation



Power save function

If the watch is left untouched for approximately 3 days, the hands will stop moving to minimize the electrical energy consumed.


More specifically, the power save function is activated if the generating system of the watch remains inactive and no charging is done for approximately 72 hours.


Even if the watch is not worn for more than 3 days, the power save function will not be activated if the watch senses enough activity to start the generation system working during the 3 days.

Through the hand stop, the build-in IC continues to compute the time.



Energy Depletion Forewarding Function

The watch has been charged fully at the factory, and the power save function will keep the build-in IC computing the time for up to four years. Normally, therefore, It is not necessary to charge the watch manually by swinging it.


Power reserve in your Seiko Kinetic Watch

The electric energy generated while the watch is worn on your wrist is stored in the Kinetic E.S.U. It is a power source completely different from conventional batteries for watches, and therefore, this watch does not require battery replacement.


Brand New and Never been used nor worn

Watch is brand new and never been worn. Comes with beautiful box and papers. Buyer pays only US$30 for the freight. 



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