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The dragon on the left bottom of the wooden box

The other dragon on the top right corner of the wooden box. 

Fierce but Beautiful !!!!


Direct translation word for word for the 4 Oriental characters 

:- "Thousand, Happiness, Double, Dragon"




Overview picture of the Double Dragon.

Overview picture of the Cap and nib


Look at the colour...look at the gold dust...look at the dragon's horns...look in the eyes...look at the 3D effect! .

Look at the amount of gold dust used. Terrific isn't it? The end of the clip sits perfectly in the middle of the sun.

If it is music to the ears, then this must be music to the eyes. Shows a character playing the Oriental flute.


Another side of the orientation showing the man controlling the dragon. Look at the amount of gold dust used in the dragon's horns!! The horns are brighter than the rest of its surrounding.

Look at the 3D effect of the maki-e's technique. Superb piece of artwork. No wonder it takes so many years to perfect the art of maki-e. I specially like the 4 Oriental characters of

"Thousand, Happiness, Double, Dragon"

Now, lets look at the overview again. Just want to orientate you a little bit. We were looking at pen's cap only....Now we shall proceed to the barrel.


It shows another character but this time sitting on the dragon. 


It was painted by Kyusai Yoshida. The other three Oriental characters show that this was done by the Kokko-tai group. With great honour, Yoshida commissioned this piece alongside with his own seal and signature.


Another orientaton showing the mountain in the background, the clouds and gold dust and......getting shy now...the horns again...


Even the nib is different! It shows the clouds on both side of the nib and "Y2K" engraved there. Yep! Huge nib size 50, 18K solid gold nib


Could it be for this??


Celebration of a Thousand Years by the Dragon

In ancient oriental legends, there is a creature called the dragon that celebrates the passing of every thousand years. This dragon symbolizes good fortune, power, nobility, sacredness and deep mystery. In ancient China, the emperor represented the dragon and the emperor's clothes were called, "Iong pao" , meaning "dragon clothes". The throne on which the emperor sat was called the "long yi" , meaning "dragon chair". On each side of the throne's armrests a dragon was carved and when the emperor stroked the dragon it symbolized the emperor's authority, that was derived directly from heaven.

The arrival of the year A.D.2000 is the beginning of a new century for mankind and the beginning of a new millennium. According to the Chinese calendar, it is also the year of the dragon. These two events will not coincide for another three thousand years... until the year A.D.5000. Beautifully etched and lacquered dragons on the cap and barrel of this one-of-a-kind limited edition symbolize the dawn of the next thousand years, while the dragon motif in the clouds depicts a celebration of this rare occasion. The owner of this pen is said to hold the scepter of the emperor. Namiki ssued the Double Dragon limited edition hoping that immaculate health, good fortune, profitable business dealings and the accumulation of wealth will be yours in A.D.2000 ... the year of the Dragon.

Cap Design : The Respectable Son-in-Law Who Rides the Dragon

In a country that existed long ago called "Shin", there was a man called the "Xiao Shi", who traveled trying to gain enlightenment. He had a passion for playing a flute like instrument called the "xiao". The emperor gave away his princess's hand in marriage to Xiao Shi. One day, the princess rode on a mythical phoenix bird, and her husband rode a dragon as they ascended toward heaven. Then the saying was born, "To ride the Dragon", which means that you were able to find a respectable son-in-law.

Barrel Design: The Child that Meets the Dragon

An old legend says that a child is derived as a gift from the Goddess of Mercy. Women who are not able to conceive a child often pray to this Goddess on days that are considered lucky. The dragon who symbolizes good fortune, power and nobility together with the current year A.D.2000, which is the year of the dragon, provides a rare occurrence of immense good fortune for a child born this year.

Certificate of Authenticity

200 pcs worldwide. Not many pieces in view of the huge number of Namiki collectors!



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