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The collection

Enchanted by the mysthique of the oriental world, Montegrappa wishes to pay a tribute to this millenary culture by dedicating to the Chinese astrology its intriguing Oriental Zodiac collection.

This series of writing instruments utilizes our unique hand embellished overlays, a technique perfected with the introduction of their limited editions. The outstanding features of Montegrappa writing instruments incorporated with the hand embellished die-cast overlays creates a unique combination of 3 dimensional art with a perfectly balanced writing instrument, an heirloom to be cherished now and forever.



The fountain pens of the Oriental Zodiac collection are endowed with the Montegrappa's celebrated 18K platinum-plated solid gold nib that ensures smooth effortless. The hand-made ebonite feed provides a regulated and consistent ink flow. Each fountain pen features a brass construction piston filling system for a pleasurable writing experience.

Each pen is individually numbered and is housed in an impressive Chinese style lacquered gift box. Each instrument comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.



The oriental zodiac is the oldest in the world. Like Western astrology, it divides all people into 12 personality types that are identified as animals. Oriental astrology is rooted firmly in the shifting patterns of the life on earth, the seasons, the weather, and of course, complex oriental philosophy. The fundamentals of Eastern wisdom are derived from Taoism, which perceives the universe as an eternal ebb and flow of the two principles of the male and female, otherwise known as Yin and Yang, represented by the Sun and the Moon.



The oriental astrology has five elements that are representations of the five visible planets of old, Water which is ruled by Mercury, Metal ruled by Venus, Fire ruled by Mars, Wood ruled by Jupiter and Earth ruled by Saturn.

The Sun and Moon are not regarded as planets because they are the primal forces of Yin and Yang. All the 12 oriental signs are governed by the five elements.

Thus the Chinese calendar is based on a 60-year cycle, considering that each element's sign only appears every 60 years - calculated by multiplying the 12 signs by the five elements.

As a result of the Yin-Yang polarity, each element would manifest itself in either a destructive or constructive manner.

For instance Fire could burn your house down or be tamed to light your house and give out warmth as well. The five elements having been doubled in this fashion are known as the ten element mothers and they gave birth to 12 children.

These 12 children represent the 12 animals of the oriental zodiac, and in sequence they are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar. According to another story, the Buddha asked all the animals that inhabited the Earth to visit Him to celebrate a Chinese New Year. Somehow, it seems, His request was not widely circulated and only 12 animals arrived in time for the festivities. In order to honour the animals that had turned up, He decided it was only fair that they and they alone should be awarded a year of their own. The oriental astrological system is based upon lunar cycles. The Chinese year is 12 lunar months. Each lunar year is ruled by one animal alone.



The Rooster 

The Rooster is an embodiment of the Yang and represents the warmth and life of the universe. It can change into human form to inflict good or bad on mortals. The Rooster also symbolizes Five Virtues:

-         Literary spirit

-         War spirit spurs

-         Courage, always fight his enemies

-         Benevolent, always clucking for Hens when he finds a grain

-         Faithful, never fail to tell the hour 

The Rooster is also a Christian symbol for vigilance and is thus placed at summits of towers and steeples. It is associated as an emblem of the Passion and with Peter as repentance. The Rooster generally crows early in the morning to welcome the day. If it crows about ten or eleven in the morning it is an unlucky sign for the family. A proud early morning crowing Rooster is beautifully sculptured on the sterling silver overlay of this extraordinary writing instrument that carries the typical clip chiselled with an oriental style design and adorned with a Cornelian rolling ball.



The Rooster is the tenth of the Zodiacal Animals, whose astrological characteristics are illustrated in Table below, 

Astrological Characteristics of the Rooster 

Order of Animal: 10 

Time ruled by Rooster: 10th Hour, Vu (1700 to 1900) 

Month: 10th moon 

Year: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981,1993, 2005 

Season: Mid Autumn 

Direction: west 

Western Constellation: Virgo 

Ruling Planet: Mercury 

Lucky Gemstone: Pink Jasper 

Shade: Yin 

Symbol: Red Cock frightens off demons, who flee at sight of his red comb. 

Good Points: Honest, very intelligent, thinker, excellent memory, alert and organized Interesting, above average. Generous as a friend. Attractive. Confident outstanding performer. Clever at finance. 

Bad Points: Boastful, show-off . Easily critical, opinionated and misunderstood .

Compatible: Snake, Ox, Dragon 

Incompatibility: Dog, Rat, Rabbit 




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