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Montblanc finally released the Meissen Porcelain to commemorate the Year of Snake in 2001 :-) A couple of my friends were joking that Montblanc should perhaps consider abolishing the Golden Dragon in Porcelain for the Great Serpent next year 2001.  See, we are coming to the end of the Golden Dragon in a couple of days (48 days from today 10.12.2000). Maybe, Montblanc wants to give a fiery end to their good sales in the Golden Year of the Dragon with this piece, THE FIERY DRAGON :-O

Anyhow, at least I have received mine a couple of days ago after much delay. I must say that the photograph issued from Montblanc did not do any justice to the beautiful pen. It failed to capture the true colour of the dragon (see below). This limited edition was specially released for Asia to 888 pcs worldwide.



The first impression of the packaging was the fiery red colour of the boxes. Even the wooden box has a very rich red colour. Actually, I am not too sure whether I am colour blind or not but the colour seems more orange then red. But since Montblanc, the undisputed leader in fine writing instrument calls is red, I would have no choice but to call it red although I still think it is orange :-)


Gee, since when Montblanc learns to make beautiful Lacquer box ? This is  definitely more impressive than the Patron series wooden boxes. Normally they are very good with cardboard box packaging. Joke aside, sometimes I wish Montblanc would put more effort in their packaging.  The Chinese character on the box was " Dragon " and it was painted in gold colour which I think must be referring to the Golden Dragon!! Hhmm, I am so proud of myself for being able to decode the meaning of every little things that they are doing. I think I better off being a private investigator. BTW, The following pictures you are going to view is the actual colour of the pen. I did not edit or adjust the lighting.  I still think it is orange colour....


This was one of the last few shots just before I ended the photo session. I decided to have some fun by positioning the barrel and the cap in such a way to capture the actual position as shown by Montblanc boutique. Hi..hi.. I think this position is better than Montblanc :-D...(proud moment for myself...hi..hi..this is what I call self-actualisation). Gee, wondering any Montblanc marketing guys viewing this page? 


The total length of the pen is about 133 mm (5.2"). It is the same size as the Dragon 2000 (Black Resin with Gold Dragon Clip) and also about the same size as the Hemingway and Alexandre Dumas. Even the diameter of the barrel is about the same as the Hemingway and the Dumas at about 16 mm (0.63"). The pen is quite heavy because of the porcelain but it is very well balanced.  



The length of the pen with the cap removed is about 123 mm (4.8"). Look at the close-up photo of the Fiery Dragon. Impressive!! Doesn't it? I still think it is orange colour...


Superb artwork. Unlike all Montblanc previous issues, the Meissen is individually handmade. Just like the maki-e lacquer pen, this is individually hand painted. Therefore every piece is a piece of art. 



The blue colour "silhouette" cross-sword is the logo of Meissen. Montblanc in cooperation with Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen, pays a unique tribute to the fascinating mythology of ancient China. The cap and body is made of hand-painted Meissen porcelain and is decorated with Oriental ornaments, while an "Imperial Dragon" in red and gold - the colours of Chinese Emperors, embellishes the cap. 



I have "rotated" the above barrel in four direction so that you could view the  Oriental ornaments in different directions. I have wanted to include only one picture of the barrel but after much thoughts I decided to have it all here because I don't know how to decide. All angles were beautiful...or perhaps I have nice photos to show off :-)) The only problem is that you may find it quite long to download this page :-(


The hand crafted 4810 Montblanc nib is made of 18-carat gold. It has the same nib as the Dragon 2000 series. It is also the same size as the Hemingway and Alexandre Dumas. The two Chinese characters on the nib are "Dragon Year".   "2000" and "18k" are also engraved on the nib.


My Opinion....still stays..

In my opinion, this is one of the best or rather the best Dragon pen I have seen so far. It is special because it is made of porcelain. It is also special because this is another first in the industry. 

Just by a simple logical calculation and also taking the 1993 Solid Gold Imperial Dragon  as a benchmark....the Meissen will be a great hit. 

For those who have missed the Imperial should take this opportunity to grab this or the Dragon 2000. 888 pcs Meissen worldwide is not many considering that past collectors who have the Imperial Dragon would want to have this too for their collection.  I believe new collectors who have missed the boat the last time would also like to have this too. Hmmm ....yet another reason........whether you like it or not...Montblanc is still a Montblanc after all.  They have the largest pool of faithful collectors. Just like me, although sometimes I grumble about Montblanc and poke fun at them but deep inside me, I find them irresistible and I have never stopped buying their limited edition. 

By looking at the demand and supply curve, this will be a good investment piece and probably many would like to have for a long time because

"You never own this, you are just simply looking after it for the next generation..."

Psst....I would STILL like to own a Patek Philippe Limited Edition one of these days......I am still waiting.....and waiting :-))


May I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a ..

Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year!!

Take Care to all my pen friends !!


Yours Sincerely



p.s. - I am wondering what would be Orange colour to Montblanc if the Meissen is classified as Red ??



As usual before I are some texts from Montblanc for you to digest...

Text from Montblanc........


Montblanc’s tribute

Living in an age where the pace of life is becoming ever faster, it is the things that remain untouched by time which give us a sense of stability. Things that allow us to savour the moment and help us to appreciate what really matters in life.

With its tradition of producing fine hand-crafted writing instruments, Montblanc has always felt committed to these lasting values. Which is why Montblanc pays tribute to great artistic and cultural achievements and to the contribution of special individuals with corresponding Limited Editions. Now, Montblanc has been inspired by a special occasion - the Year of the Golden Dragon in the Chinese calendar - to honour the impressive contribution and achievements of Far Eastern culture. The result is one of the exclusive Limited Editions that invariably become coveted by collectors across the globe.



Meissen is famous for its hand-made, hand-painted porcelain, identified since 1722 by the crossed-swords symbol, and has one of the longest traditions of making fine porcelain products in the world. 




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