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What is "MAKIE"? 

URUSHI lacquer is the sap extracted from the URUSHI tree, a deciduous tree of the sumac family. This special tree grows only in South East Asia, China, Korea and Japan. URUSHI lacquer is one of the most durable natural adhesives. The strong adhesive properties of wet lacquer facilitate the decoration of any surface. "MAKIE", a special technique of sprinkling powder on URUSHI lacquer, was developed in Japan in the 7th century during the NARA period, and has been handed down through generations ever since.




Special Limited Edition 

The Waterman Serenite Makie "The White Tiger" is a special limited edition of only 120

pieces. The artist's name and individual serial number are marked on each pen using the "MAKIE" technique. This truly adds to this special edition's rarity. The Waterman Serenite, with its gracefully curved form, is reminiscent of quill pens. This blends well with the traditional Japanese "MAKIE" technique, making a truly special collector's edition.



Design theme: "The White Tiger"

From ancient times, the Tiger has been worshiped as the God that brings happiness, similar to the Phoenix, Dragon and Turtle. The legend of the 4 Gods came from China. The Chinese believed that the Emperor was the polestar (center) and that 4 Gods protected each quadrant (Dragon / Tiger / Phoenix / Turtle). Japanese Emperors were influenced by the Chinese way of thinking and this belief system spread throughout Japan. People associated a specific color to each quadrant and God, which represented their power; the Tiger for White/West, the Phoenix for Red/South, the Dragon for Blue/East and the Turtle for Black/North. While Tigers are not indigenous to Japan, people felt a strong admiration for their legendary power. The combination of Tiger and bamboo is an eternal motif of courage and power; a theme that appears repeatedly in wall paintings and pictures created throughout the ages. The motif was especially loved by Samurai. With this special limited edition writing instrument, the power of the Tiger is yours.


18K Solid Gold Nib


Filling Mechanism


Pen is New

Pen is new and never been used. The fountain pen has never been dipped nor inked. Comes with original box and paper as shown above.  



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