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Montblanc Meisterstück Dual Time Automatic Watch Steel Collection with Steel Bracelet 


Brand new watch 



The watch design of the new Meisterstück Steel Collection reflects casual and timeless elegance. The sportive looking watches keep their promises - they will accompany you where ever you go. Their superb qualities mean that the Meisterstück Steel Collection will satisfy the special demands of all those who expect a sports watch to be both - well designed and highly functional. Stainless Steel case, Black dial, Mechanical movement with self-winding mechanism, Display of hours, minutes, center-seconds, day, date and dual time. Water resistant 30 m, Stainless Steel Bracelet.


Overview of the beautiful and sturdy watch


Mont Blanc’s recent venture into watch making, while never seeming transitory, has taken on an air of permanence and maturity with their 2000 collection.  The company's initial belief that their values would translate into this field accordingly looks justified - a fact that Montblanc are keen to stress.


Close-up view of the dial, Day and Date and Dual Time. Montblanc logo on the second's hand.


Close-up view of the dial, Day and Date and Dual Time from different angle. Montblanc logo on the second's hand and Breguet Numerals too!


The original Meisterstuck collection was deliberately designed to reflect the match between traditional horology and Montblanc's equally rigorous approach to making pens.  The whole feel and look of these watches seemed to he driven by an attempt to ward off suspicion that Montblanc's foray into watch making was no more than that. The success of any luxury product is at least partly due to the perceived residual value - what the owner imagines he will feel about the object in the future Any suspicion that the company is not fully committed would have diminished this value and threatened the success of the venture as a whole.


Appreciating it from an angle...thick casing for robust sports usage.


"Montblanc" engraved on the casing. Montblanc Logo on the crown.


The Meisterstuck Steel collection is attractive, original and functional. All housed in steel case developed from previous Meisterstuck incarnations. The details is again strongly guided by the Montblanc corporation image whether in terms of the Breguet numerals on the dial or the star rounded on the center-seconds hand. The watch have all the qualities required to be true sports watch, they are robust, water-resistance and easy to read.  


Steel bracelet with "butterfly" buckle


Steel bracelet with "butterfly" buckle...opened


The fact that Montblanc launched into the manufacture of mechanical watches is nothing surprising in itself:.  Taking one’s time is the core philosophy of Montblanc. Recognisable by the dark black of their dial, numerals and case, the first models quickly captured the attention of the market and acquired an international reputation.


Solid steel bracelet for robust usage


Solid steel bracelet for robust usage


Many details betoken their belonging to the "Meisterstuck" family: the "Meisterstuck" engraving on the sturdy steel case with its flat scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and, last but not least, the brand's famous star logo, incrusted into the crown, engraved on the metal bracelet and screwed-in caseback, as well as on the seconds hand.   


Beautiful logo on crown !!


Pin for adjusting the day, date and dual time.


Watch is New

New, not worn and not dated too. With original box and open papers too!

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